2. Context of the Research

This section provides the general information regarding the research that will be undertaken and should make it clear why the problem is worth addressing. It sketches the background and, where appropriate, should provide a brief theoretical framework within which the problem is to be addressed. (Maximum length: 250 words)

What does this mean?

You research needs to be contextualised both in the social (or technical) area and in terms of research already done in this area (or field). The social (or technical) problem which your research addresses should be explained, with reference to other data, writers or researchers that support your argument that this is indeed a worthwhile problem to address. You may mention briefly what type of research has already been done in this area or field. This section should conclude by identifying the research orientation or theoretical framework to be used, briefly saying why it is appropriate.

The literature review (in the next section) contextualises the research more thoroughly in past or current studies with reference to relevant literature.

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