1. Field of Research and Provisional Title

This section requires the candidate to identify the field (or area within a field) of research and to give a provisional title. Note that the title may change at any time before examination submission of thesis, but that, once the HDC has ratified your proposal, a formal submission* has to be made through the FRC for noting at HDC, and the change must be motivated.

*In a memo from the Supervisor.


The title of the thesis must state clearly what the thesis is about.

The title must be in lower case (except for the first letter of the first word, and except for the first word/s of proper nouns).

The title should not contain the word "investigation": all research involves some kind of investigation!

Titles do not end in a full stop (unless they occur at the end of a sentence).

The title itself should not be in the form of a sentence.

Do not ever use block capitals for a title when is inserted in a text.

Titles should be explanatory but should also be as brief as possible.

Avoid using "telegraphese" in a title: instead of making it look "scientific" it makes you look illiterate.

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